The majority of people out there suffering form acne have very little knowledge on lesser known solutions that can help significantly in your daily skin care routine. The following article goes on to explain two tools that have helped some people keep their skin clear from acne.

Tea Tree Oil

What is tea tree oil? It’s derived from the plant leaves of the plant Melaleuca alternifolia, indigenous to Australia.

In a study conducted in Australia by the Department of Dermatology at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, tea tree oil was found to have antimicrobial properties similar to benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and the like. Although tea tree oil was slower to work it did deliver similar results in reducing inflamed acne lesions as benzoyl peroxide and had less side effects (Source: NCBI).

How to use it? It’s important to dilute tea tree oil with water as it’s very potent. Used alone when applying to the skin can cause irritation and strip away many of your skin’s natural oils. It’s been suggested to dilute 1 part tea tree oil with 4 parts water. Use a cotton swab and apply directly to the affected area. You can leave it on over night. Tea tree oil works by either minimizing the swelling of acne cyst or by bringing them to a head much quicker than a non tea tree oil treated acne cyst (Source: Bioline).

Note: do not apply yea tree oil to an open wound, it will sting and irritate badly.

Our editors’ recommendation: Trader Joe’s Spa 100% Australian Tea Tree Oil

Cotton Swabs

For when you absolutely have to pop a white head you should use cotton swabs. Take two swabs and gently press the skin around the white head in an outward motion. Why use cotton swabs and not your fingers? Using your finger tips can add excess oil to your skin potentially adding to your already inflamed, infected skin. Cotton swabs completely remove that risk as well as allow you to better target the areas around the whitehead to pop it out slowly and as gently as possible. Be sure to wash your face afterwards and apply a topical acne treatment.


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