Korean Spa’s are like your traditional spas accept they’re typically less expensive but not always, more open, and just as relaxing! Many are initially turned off to the idea of separate sections and not being able to get a hot stone massage while holding hands with your love. However seasoned regulars would urge newcomers to open up to the experience as these places are great for singles, couples, friends, and families.

The first thing that stands out to so many is the price. A regular spa day at a hotel or name brand cosmetics company would cost at least $200 (1) and is considered a great gift for birthdays and Mother’s Day. You’re then given your robes and women go to one side and men to the other one. The experience then transforms into an a la carte buffet of relaxation potentially adding additional costs.

There are hot and cold pools, multiple jacuzzis, saunas, hot stone rooms, and cool rooms, saunas, scrubbing stations, locker rooms, nap rooms (joy!), and a cafe. You may choose from their optional services like massages, manicures, and body scrubs. These cost extra but are still affordable compared to a traditional spa.

The masseuses don’t wear the usual uniform that you may be accustomed to and instead have their bra and underwear on. They are the ones who are the most covered up in a spa where everyone is usually naked! These ladies can give you a massage of any level of gentleness or strength. For those that like the exfoliation and invigoration a body scrub will be great but be prepared to be flipped over on both sides.

Initially those who are modest about their bodies may not initially like it. But opening up to the challenge will give you a chance to unwind and leave the constant pressure put on women of all ages to live up to an ideal standard. When we enjoy the moment not focused on the endless chatter in our minds and are present that’s when we can truly be ourselves.

All in all, I encourage everyone to give it a try at least once. It may be your first and last time or it may become a part of girls night in with all of you coming out more refreshed than ever.


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