When you’re younger and spend a late night out painting the town red with your sorority sisters, roommates or whichever mischievous characters you ‘hung’ with you could easily bounce back with minimal under eye baggage and puffiness. After a few hours of beauty sleep, a cup ‘o’ joe and a cold shower you look like you’ve spent a day at the spa and are ready to take on the day. Guess what? You’re no longer in your 20’s and along with growing up, you have to step up and re-asses your skin care routine.

First off it’s important to understand exactly what causes under eye puffiness? Under eye bags are a natural and inevitable occurrence brought on by aging. In addition, how obvious the puffiness is, is much determined through genetic factors ingrained in your DNA. However, there are many other causes of under eye puffiness/bags. These include allergies, sleep deprivation, unhealthy habits and diets high in salt, alcohol and fat.

Why do we care about under eye bags? If you care about how you present yourself then you care about under eye baggage. It’s kind of a direct representation of how you treat yourself. Think about it this way. The first time you meet someone they will look at your face, more specifically they engage with your eyes. This happens every time you go on a job interview, meet a potential mate, close on a business deal and even when you check out at the super market.

Here are some remedies you can try to help reduce under eye bags:

Avoid excess salt and drink lots of water. A diet high in salt will force the water to those salt filled areas, just like under your eyes, causing puffiness. Stick to a healthy, unprocessed diet and continue to drink plenty of water to flush the salt out of your system. Not only will you see an important to your under eye puffiness but your entire body will feel less bloated.

Take allergy medication. Allergies, seasonal or otherwise, often lead to inflammation in the face. Since the skin under the eyes is extremely thin, the slightest changes can be seen more drastically. Try an OTC allergy relief product or a prescription from your doctor to reduce the symptoms.

Apply cucumbers or tea bags under your eyes. Cucumber provide a cooling effect to help reduce inflammation. Very much like someone would apply frozen pees to a swollen black and blue eye. It takes down the swelling.

Conclusion, try and stay healthy overall. Keep a strict diet void of processed, salty, fried, high in fats foods. Minimize alcohol consumption. Daily exercise will also help you sweat out excess salt and keep your circulation moving well. Avoid applying cosmetics to your face high in chemicals as you could have benign allergic reactions to them.

Other options would be to find an eye serum. More invasive treatments include cosmetic injections and plastic surgery.


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