There’s an old Russian saying that states “the later stages aren’t happy.” Luckily, my family emigrated to a place where we believe you’re as old as you feel. Recent studies prove that may actually be true. A recent Gallup poll even shows “America’s seniors are the most confident in their looks. Two-thirds (66%) of Americans aged 65 and older “agreed” or “strongly agreed” that they always feel good about their physical appearance, compared with 61% of 18- to 34-year-olds. Middle-aged Americans (54%) are the least likely to report feeling good about their appearance.”(1)

Grey Hairs:

If you start to show grey hair, no worries it can be died. On the upside, as we age the oil glands shrink meaning there will be less of it at the top of your scalp and you’ll need fewer washes and blowouts. If on the other hand your hair is too dry, apply some argan or Moroccan oil near the ends to make sure they don’t look split (2).


Some could care less about their hair, if you fall under this category you may be more concerned with your internal health. As youngsters we often caught colds just from someone around us sneezing. But the American Lung Association reports that the older you get, the fewer colds you catch. Baby boomers get between 2 and 4 a year compared to their kids who get twice as many. Seniors over 60 on average only have one cold a year! (3)


Also, as you age headaches and migraines may become a thing of the past. One Swedish study found that in subjects older than 55 often had their migraines disappear completely and those who still suffered reported a decrease in frequency, intensity, and duration (4).


Stop stressing about aging! Much of how you feel is a result of your attitude, your perspective, the relationships you’ve cultivated over the course of your lifetime and coming out on the other side of life’s successes and challenges.


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Perricone MD Cold Plasma

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Editor’s Score:7.4/10


StriVectin-SD has been a popular player over the past few years. I imagine mostly because of it’s price point. However, it’s filled with a lot of well known age-fighting ingredients. Now, I assume Strivectin-SD changed its…

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Revive Defensif Renewal Serum

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