Anti-aging makeup

But for all the times makeup saves us, it can also age us. Follow these tips so that you can feel confident knowing your makeup makes you look younger.

1. Lighter not brighter. As you age, your makeup should be lightweight and used in moderation. A cats eye might look good in a magazine, but the harsher and darker colors show off the delicate fine lines around your eyes, not your timeless smile and healthy glow.

2. Blend your makeup well. This will give you a softer appearance, instead of a harsher, more strained look. Also, apply primer before using eyeshadow so it last all day and doesn’t cause as much creasing.

3. Pluck, shape, and color your brows. This is a dead giveaway of aging and is one of the easiest to tweak and maintain. Choose a color that is one shade lighter than your natural brow color.

4. Choose matte colors for the eyes and cheeks instead of shimmers. Glitter will only show off your imperfections. For the eyes, choose brown or grey eyeliner and apply a thin line. Adding a small upper wing to the end of your eye will cover the little extra droop at the outer edge.

5. Curl your lashes. The less straight they are, the more open your eyes look!

6. Mascara is one of the best makeup products ever. But use a formula that’s too heavy and it can wear your lashes out. Opt for something one shade lighter than your lashes that will make them longer and stronger instead of thicker.

7. Your foundation and concealer should both be lightweight and applied in moderation. Heavily covering every single spot on your face will often draw attention to fine lines and wrinkles. Try using a medium to full coverage cream foundation by itself.

8. A great trick for under the eyes is to apply one part highlighter and two parts concealer. The highlighter reflects light and the concealer covers everything.

9. Apply a luminous powder instead of a tinted one on your and forehead, a tinted one will flatten your skin tone.

10. The fat pads droop as we age, making our cheekbones stand out more. By using a highlighter on them, you’ll take the attention away from the jawline and draw the eye right to the apples of your cheeks. Add a little pink or peach blush to the top of the cheekbone and blend down.

11. Lip colors should be lighter and applied over primer. Red and dark purple lipstick that go further than the outer corners of your lip do not turn back the clock. Sheer balms and glosses can be a good replacement for bright lip colors.This will make your look softer.


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StriVectin-SD has been a popular player over the past few years. I imagine mostly because of it’s price point. However, it’s filled with a lot of well known age-fighting ingredients. Now, I assume Strivectin-SD changed its…

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